“No one goes to school for partnerships” – until now.
 Partner Hacker and Firneo have partnered up on a half-day event to teach you key lessons that you need to know in order to set you up for success in your partnerships role.
During School of Partnerships, you’ll learn foundational frameworks that can help you accelerate your partnerships progress and realize your potential.
You’ll learn:
  • Why is it so hard to get internal resources and buy-in from leadership - and what can you do about it?
  • How do you foster winning relationships that can actually deliver ROI
  • How do you build the right partnerships – and avoid wasting energy on the wrong ones
  • What causes partnerships to “break” and how do you fix them?
This isn’t just a series of lectures - it’s an interactive learning experience in which you’ll come away with practical, tactical knowledge that you can apply right away.
  • Learn key frameworks and strategies that you can use to build better partnerships
  • Hear war stories from the world’s top partnerships leaders about the “hard-earned lessons” and mistakes they made – so that you don’t wind up repeating them
  • Collaborate and connect with peers during mini “mastermind” sessions to share and get support
Your “professors” aren’t just academics - they’re highly experienced partnerships leaders with decades of real-world experience at companies like WeWork, Microsoft, Quora, Alibaba, Lyft, and more.
 This FREE half-day event is an absolute must for any partner manager who wants to absolutely crush Q4 and beyond.

The syllabus:

12:00 - Welcome to The School of Partnerships

Hour 1: Reading Minds to Get Resources: How to Secure Stakeholder Buy-In

12:05 - Mini-Class on Securing Stakeholder Buy-In
12:15 - 
Story time with Ty Lingley, Noam Cadouri, Katerina Petraki, and Scott Pollack
12:40 - Breakout Session

Hour 2: Prioritize Your Pipeline - and AVOID These Partners

1:00 - Mini-Class on Prioritizing your Pipeline and Avoiding Vanity Partners
1:10 - Story time with  Chris Lavoie,  Scott Murtaugh, and Will Taylor
1:30 -
Breakout Session

Hour 3: How to Fix Broken Partnerships: Diagnosing and Improving Partnerships that Aren't Performing

1:50 - Mini-Class on Identifying the Signs a Partnership that's on the Decline
2:00 - Story time with Jessie Shipman, Tom Burgess, and Will Taylor
2:20 - Breakout session
2:40 - Closing Inspiration!

The professors:

Katerina Petraki
Head of BD
Jessie Shipman
Jessie Shipman
Ty Lingley
Ty Lingley
Head of Partnerships
Tob Burgess
Tom Burgess
Strategic Partner Enablement - Team Lead
Noam Cadouri
Noam Cadouri
Head of BD
Chris Lavoie
Chris Lavoie
Tech Partnerships Lead
Scott Murtaugh
Scott Murtaugh
Head of Global Partnerships
Scott Pollack
Scott Pollack
Co-Founder and CEO
First Friday WIll Taylor Headshot
Will Taylor
Head of Partnerships
First Friday Isaac Headshot
Isaac Morehouse

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