The Partner Success Maturity Model

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Join us for the next First Friday on February 10th, from 2pm-4:00pm EST!

Chill with PartnerPage, PartnerHacker and the Partner Ecosystem as we build out the first ever Partner Success Maturity Model, together.

Bring your favorite drink, put your feet up, relax, and learn out loud with us. 

See you there!


2:00 - Hang out in the lounge! 

2:15 - Come Party with Models!  - Jared Fuller

We're talkin' mind models. Maturity models. SUCCESS MODELS. Here we'll unveil the partner success maturity model for both agencies and tech partners. A simple, actionable formula that you can self-identify with and understand how to move forward.

2:30 - Bringing Models Back to Reality - Kevin Linehan and Al Biedrzycki

Finding partners that are right for your business isn’t easy. Onboarding partners and giving them the knowledge needed to be successful is tough and time consuming. Having the patience and perseverance to invest daily in the relationship is arduous. Hitting partner revenue goals can feel impossible. It turns out, building a successful partner program is just honest, hard work. But when it clicks, when it works, and when you get to the other side, you know it was all worth it. 

Come chat with Al Biedrzycki (HubSpot, Airtable) and Kevin Linehan (HubSpot, Drift, as they share their learnings of navigating the partner lifecycle and driving long-term partner success.

3:00 - Rubber to the Road - How to Drive Success with Partners  -  Stewart Wesley and Annette Snow

Hear how this team went from stage to stage in the partner success maturity model. Their lessons and how they navigated internal politics, challenges cross-functionally, and effectively  allocating resources.

3:30 - Let’s Play a Game (Workshop) - Will Taylor and Isaac Morehouse

Let's work together! This is a session dedicated to working with you to leave with actionable insights on how you can navigate your own situation and deliver partner success. Get ready to get engaged! We'll be pulling people on stage and running question and answer to give you the path forward.

Annette Snow
Annette Snow
Head of Partnerships
Stewart Wesley
Chief Operating Officer
Al Biedrzycki
Head of Partner Programs
Kevin Linehan
Kevin Linehan
Dir of Services and Alliances Partnerships
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Jared Fuller
Chief Ecosystem Officer
First Friday WIll Taylor Headshot
Will Taylor
Head of Partnerships

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